a Brooklyn dosa joint is born

Uttapam & Co. was started in 2011 by Jake and Paul, two friends who fell in love with South Indian food. They figured Brooklyn needed a good dosa joint, so they built one.

We make our dosas and uttapams by hand using traditional stone grinding equipment. Our rice, dal, and spices come from India, but all our fresh ingredients are grown on farms in or near New York State (within 250 miles).

farm partnerships

Some local farms where we sourced our latest batch of fresh ingredients:

what's a dosa?

A dosa is a crispy wrap from South India.

It's made by grinding whole rice and dal, a cousin of the lentil. It has a savory, tangy flavor, like a good sourdough bread.

We fill them with a bunch of awesome seasonal ingredients.

Also, it's totally wheat free!

what's an uttapam?

An uttapam is an open-faced sourdough pancake. It's crispy on the bottom, fluffy on the top.

It's made with the same batter as the dosa, but it's cooked thicker and we put the fillings on top.

Like the dosa, it's totally wheat free!

come, visit!

Find us at Smorgasburg every Saturday and the Brooklyn Flea every Sunday

North 7th Street and Kent Ave in Williamsburg

11am to 5pm

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